We make shipping easy by offering instant quotes for truck or small parcel.  Imagine being able to INSTANTLY quote LTL, UPS Ground, International Air/Parcel as well as Full and Partial Containers for Import and Export. Now it’s possible with the most comprehensive shipping Transportation Management System available.

Use us once, when needed, or on a permanent basis, there is no obligation. There are no signup fees, and with different options available, you can start shipping today.

Shipping Analysis

Identify Patterns
Benchmark Costs
Compare Averages

Freight Negotiations

RFP / RFQ Submission
Contingency Based
You make the decisions


By the Hour or by Project
Ethical, Informed and Focused


We specialize in reducing freight costs for companies by being able to offer you the ability to ship using our discounts or letting us study your distribution system to identify cost saving opportunities.

Emerald Logistics promotes organizational excellence and serves our clients in such a way that they will return to us with future business and recommend us to other potential clients.




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